Wednesday, February 3, 2010

wHy sO seRioUs

many ppl , that is really many many ppl asked me many questions about the wedding. one of them was -
"whyyyyy aren't you smiling in any of the reception snaps??????? it's ONLYEEE once in a life time [ well we don't know that, and while chances are that i wouldn't want to go thru THAT again, it cud be arranged.. mebe a second reception !! :O ]! and you'll never get that day again!"

well, the short answer to that is - i was reaaaaaaaaaaaallly tired as the reception was the next day and i didn't have time to recover from the wedding.

the long answer is - i was actually frowning in concentration trying to decide if i was gonna faint, and if i did, the best angle to do that. see, now when skinny ppl faint, they look all airy and dainty and fragile. when .. ahem 'healthy' ppl faint - that too on stage, they look like a sack of burnin hot potatoes.
and then i'd have to field the inevitable questions, and wise ass remarks.
"i hope the stage didn't crack"
"i hope the earth didn't crack"
"did we just have an earth quake?"

haha very funny guys.
yes , so i was calculating many things in my mind. there are lots of logistics to fainting u know.. right side, left side. away from the crazy person who just grabbed my hand to shake it. back at my seat? falling towards K is surely a recipe for falling flat on my face as he seems to be busy shaking random person i dunno #447's hand. hmmm..

so u see, no wonder i wasn't smiling in any of the pics.

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