Wednesday, September 15, 2010

dOLphiNs pLayiNG iN bLuE wATeRs

so ... i've been a away for a while ... hmmm well u know.. how it goes.. ummm... its not like i forgot you or anything. i mean.. i swear!! i totally remembered you.. like.. yesterday itself. when i was .. umm... buttering my toast. i mean ... i meant to write, but u know it was work, and then vacation.. and then...
yeah.. i know i know.. excuses excuses :P

so. here's the latest.
just got back from vacation. went to hawaiiii. oh it was awesome. the best part?
mebe its the red glow of the volcano, or the green sand beach or the manta ray. omg the manta RAY!! i snorkelled and came up close to this GIGANTIC MANTA RAY!! and in the pacific ocean!! and in the night!! and next to a japanese guy who kept squealing "manta is coming, manta is coming"!!

oh it was awesome. i loved snorkelling. i plan to do more of it. ok mebe not in portland. but somewhere, some day.
hawaii is pretty neat. everyone shud go there atleast once.

yaawn. i'm jet lagged. K is nice , took care of the whole trip. ok K is not only nice, he deserves a "K is Awesome!!"

will post some pics soon. mebe of the Maaaaaaaanta Raaaaaaay!! woooohooooo
< ok no more mai tais for me >

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