Saturday, May 15, 2010

nEw tHiNgs to tRy

Well what do you know, I'm blogging from the new iPad !!!!!

Aw shucks now I know what I said earlier.. But ....ok so I'm still on the fence a bit. It's very cool and all, and I can surf and type as fast as I can on a normal keyboard (ok let's go back and heck the typos :P) but I don't know if I really want to carry this around with me along with my laptop and phone and wallet and iPod. Phew thats a full bag.

But still its a really fancy we browsing device.


Ooooh ooh btw I walked bout 6 miles today. Ran a little, walked a little.. But I feel good :)

Work is getting more hectic than ever. Actually, losing my mind is more like it!! Oh well. Oohh ooh btw off to china end of the month. Looks like it s happening. Found out I need a Canadian visa to transit through there. Which is stupid!!!!!
Ok Canada transit visa check.
Book hotel check.
Pack clothes check.

FAA. I wish I cud take my net book with me when I'm traveling. Wud be cool.

note to self: pure imagination, wonka

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  1. efffyouuusee.k! why couldn't you update me about your eastward trip when we exchanged emails? btw, you should totally venture into Macau, if you haven't done it already. have fun!