Thursday, January 28, 2010


so you saw the announcement. for the first time i actually actively refreshed my pages every few seconds to get the live blogging and live twitter or watever updates. now as a technophobe , i don't generally like dpoing that, but in this instance i reaaally needed to procrastinate in the office and pretend i was working.. but not actually work...

so iPad. hmm.. can't say i really like the name. i mean what was wrong with iSlate? that sounds so cool.. like some transformer robot. but iPad? reminds me of my ahem... crazy days of the month. [ yes yes my period, can we grow up? ]

iPad. iPad.. hmmm.

oh well. it still feels like a mutated iPod. iPad.iPod. egad. its getting worse.
i dunno. after seeing the stuff that i'm working on and knowing a bit about the future of this market. i'm ... hmm.. not really impressed?

i mean its ok? but guess i just have impossible expectations. and this isn't gonna change the world or anything.
its another step. doesn't feel like a major leap like the ipod was.
[ can you spell "w-a-l-k-m-a-n" ??? ]

looks like the kindle is out. boy on behalf of the trees, i thank both the maxiPad ...ooops i mean iPad and the kindle for saving our lives.

ps: and b4 u start screaming at me, yes the title was taken from some random comment i saw online about the iPad announcement. aargh i hate that name!!

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