Wednesday, March 24, 2010

bAbiEs mAkE YoU HApPy.

Note to self: Buble, haven't met you yet.

wonderful weather, lotta work, crazy days, beautiful skies, friends getting engaged/ falling in love, having fun, what more can one ask for?

Happy b'day R, and congrats on getting engaged.
congrats S on ur baby.
congrats M&D on ur new baby
congrats A on ur baby.
ufff too much happening around me. makes me feel like burrowiing myself deeper into my cave.

ok so i moved, and ok so it sometimes feels like a cave.

huff man this baby shower is going out of hand, ya know. baby showers are not really my thing.
i mean all the baby food tasting games ( uuuurgh ) and a whole afternoon of baby talk and baby stuff. its gonna be a very painful weekend.

sigh. ok. i shall brace myself. take a deep breath and somehow survive this weekend.

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