Friday, May 28, 2010

sTarT oF tHe NeXt

ok so i've started. blogging from vancouver as we speak.

the last one week has been packed! with a capital P. meetings , working lunches, more meetings and team dinners. listening to a lot of ppl speak, talking and getting bludgeoned. :-/

on the bright side, we had the meetings in a golf course on tuesday and it was gr8!
was on the driving range for the first time! :)
ha! it was hilarious.

omg i don't know what i was thinking when i booked my flights! 6 hrs layover in vancouver, 4 hours in seoul, and then reaching beijing 24 hrs after i depart.
on the way to india i have god knows how many hours layover.
something's wrong with my brain. it just doesn't convert flight timings, landing times and flight durations correctly. mebe that's why ive been telling ppl i land 2-4 hours after i actually land.
its a disaster if i have to be picked up.

its one of the main reasons i hate to book flights. have this horrid fear that i might have booked the wrong dates.
also i'm getting a creeping thought in my head. did i leave the gas range on??
how will i know?? i don't have any recollection of switching it on. but then i dont have very good recollection now, do i???

vancouver isn't so bad. larger population of chinkis than i'm used to. but nice empty airport. and nice open spaces and no ppl around. ok so i admit that's what i like best about a place :D no ppl around.

ok now i hope they don't arrest me for taking pics of the airport! gtg!

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  1. you did not mean a capital Pee. or did you? :O