Friday, May 14, 2010

cOLoriNg foOd aU naTurALe

with my once neat house now looking like a gollum's nesting bed... well with it looking like a natural disaster survivor's zone.. i just want to hide under the bed.

sigh. made panneer bhurji ( ok what I call panneer bhurji) the other day. came out pretty nice. not so nice were the questionable chapatis that i made. admittedly, they were more than a few days old. and i was taking a 'risk'. but when they turned out orange.. well i was really skeptical. but what the hell. i'm going to china.

who knows what i'll end up eating there !!

so .. i ate the rusty colored orangy chapatis and well. its been 2 days. i'm still alive.

so good. no harm done.


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