Wednesday, October 31, 2007

TrOuBLe wiTh a T

am exhausted would do anything for a good nights rest where i don't have to worry about grades homeworks projects the future , correction the increasing black hole that seems to be my future... yaaaawn

it seems like once you start staying late beyond 5 in the college then time just flies.

supposedly time flies when your having fun, but it also flies when your in deep deep trouble.

had another one of those today. think i royally blew it. i don't know what i was blabbering. i'm sure that's not what i want to do either. why do we even apply to these extremely inappropriate positons?
why do they even call us???

wierdness just scaled new heights in my life.

on the other side of the globe a friend of mine , L has gone nuts. she is in deep... DEEP trouble and boy did she dig her own grave.
this is just not good.

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