Tuesday, October 23, 2007

mEetiNg sOmeOnE

You know wats surprising? The geeky people have girlfriends. No , its not surprising that they HAVE girlfriends. What’s surprising is all those girls look the same! Ok , so I don’t know if this is something weird that I noticed or just some weird thing about the universe.. but I could swear that the last 4 guys I met? Their girlfriends all looked alike. The more I tried the more confused I became. They all had the same hairstyle and I think that’s what threw me off. Research says if everyone on the planet had the exact same hairstyle, we would find it real darn near impossible to recognize people. That’s the human system for ya. Now, don’t get me wrong. These girls were pretty. Much prettier than I can ever claim to be, but they all looked like they were churned out from a factory.
Weird huh ?

But what do u do when ur civilization churns out generic models of people. People who are all the same. One indistguishable from the other ? well I guess the question is , are we losing our personalities? Are we blending in too much with each other and going from a black and white world to just plain brown?

Girls are funny creatures. Guys are not funny creatures , guys are just plain weird ! :P
Ok ok I may be a bit biased and heaven knows I don’t do chick lit. but I like to think guys think a lot less than girls do. They don’t have complex emotional analysis happening in parallel in their brains at every situation. They don’t search for hidden meanings to situations. Well the majority don’t ! I’m sure u’ve come across the occasional touchy guy who gets offended real easily coz he ‘thinks’ you’ve ‘meant’ something when all you were doing was simply cracking a real sad joke.
Now am not saying guys aren’t sensitive. Peel away the layers and damn near everyone is. I haven’t met a single person till date who did not have their sensitive side. I just think some people are better at hiding it than most. And that we don’t show it to all people we like. We just show it to some people. How we choose that set of people? well mebe those folks were just plain unlucky :P
Then ofcourse there is the other side of it. Just coz the entire population on this planet has their sensitive side, does not mean they’r equally sensitive TO other people. We’ve all met real jerks in our lives. And if I said they had a sensitive side too, u’d probably spit in my face. But trust me they do. They just never learnt to bother much bout other people. Mebe that’s why together takin all of them into account, we have the weirdest bunch of friends. Geeks, total opposite of geeks, people who are forever broke, people who are stinkin rich, Misers, extreme spendthrifts, jerks, show offs, etc etc

oh where was i going with all this ???

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  1. "churned out from a factory"
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    why art thou after the cheeni's :D