Monday, October 8, 2007


have you ever thought of your destiny ?
where we were supposed to end up ? how we would be 10 years down the line ??

yes yes we know that what happens always happens for the best. and yes we all know that we shouldn't speculate too much on the future.

and yet.... don't u sometimes think idly of where life would take you and how petty all the things you were worried about now, would seem so silly to us in the future???
sure we've made mistakes. we act stupidly when we should behave with great dignity.
we fight with people when we should show gr8er understanding.
we waste so much time when we should actually be working, procrastinate and crib when we should be focusing.

ok ok , i know its only me. i really should stop using the "we" word shouldn't i ??
sorry force of habit.

anyways getting back to the topic.
imagine yourself 40 years down the line. imagine where and what u'll be doing. who you'll be doing it with. who'll be around you.
imagine the life you always wanted and ponder over it for a while. is that what you really want ? or something others want for you ?
if you've never thought bout this before. well now is an excellent time to think buddy.

u know only one thing is true in the universe

"this too shall pass ..."

ps: i swear i think i'm getting more and more random everyday.

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