Tuesday, October 16, 2007

hOuSTon CaLliNG

U know what's funny?

Uh oh

u know the story is gonna be wild everytime i start this way right? Ok so i'm at the Houston airport. The flight is delayed. The airport is like a fish market. People sitting on the ground. People sleeping on their bags. Ok not people. Its me. I admit it. Its ME. I'M Sleeping on my bag.
Ok ok I’m sitting straight now. Jeez.

So now I’m sitting here on this crummy seat. With my feet propped up on my suitcase. Typing away. Looking around me at all these weird people. Now u can’t argue much with that ok? All these people are weird !
Most don’t know what to do with the extra time they have, so they end up eating. And its not good food either. It’s junk food. Hmm that makes me want some fries. Mebe I should get some...

ok ok i won't get it. jeez man gimme a break.
houston was nice. interesting place. went for a company dinner that sucked BIG TIME!
the place was nice i guess.

oh who am i kidding??? it was this fish place. the whole place smelt like a fish place. there was squid and tuna on the table. somehow the waiters thought it wud be REAL cool to place 3 dishes of tuna around me.. the only vegetarian in the group. and somehow the people AROUND me , decided against any of it.. so the net result was the rest of the tables had their stinkin fish cleaned up early and plates taken away, while i had to stare morosely at the pink-white thing while i was TRYING to have my asparagus salad.

yup that was the only thing on the menu. asparagus salad. let me tell u. that i'm a big fan of salad. infact i like it better than normal food most times.
but this was just a bunch of random leaves. couple of tomato slices and 2 huge.... HUGE... onion rings.
blech !

u can imagine i was waiting for the dessert after i had the tomato pieces.
and then what ??

well they get desserts for the table !
everyone shares in the desert !!!


after what people have been eating all night ?? i'm not gonna share my dessert with anyone.
ugh ! double ugh !

so thats what i did. cut my fudge brownie and i had it. on a small plate.
etiquette be damned !

now i have a question on that. can they refuse to give u a job just coz u have this really hard to eat brownie and you use a knife and fork to eat it like a steak ?
i mean come on man.
it was some real COOL dessert.

and i wasn't gonna pass up the chance for it.

but then ... sigh oh well guess it was worth it.

other than that. houston was ok. guess the summers are really bad but then ppl survive don't they ? and then 3 years in that company, you get to travel all over the world ! and they don't just say it. i actually met ppl who had been travelling all over the planet. bout every couple of years.

awesome huh ?
i think i'd seriously consider if i got a chance from this place.

i think i wud.

but then whhat wud i tell M??? hmmm guess prof will just have to wait. gotta meet him tomoro. no idea why he's called a meeting... am so screwed in my course work this sem!! groan don't even wanna think about it. but enough of that.

toodles !

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