Tuesday, October 16, 2007

dE PreZ iS iN dE bUiLdiNG

it was awesome. amazing and fantastic at the same time.

ok so anyone could call me a cynic and they would be right. i am one. a terrible terrible cynic. i refuse to go gah gah and i won't be impressed easily. but TODAY !!

u'll never guess what happened !!

its 2:30 and the prez ( i'll still call him the prez even if he no longer is .. )
walks into my lab for a demo !!! well not mine ofcourse, but of the ppl who work in our lab !
he wants to see what we do !!
i have to admit. biometrics is a COOOOL field. iris recognition, face recognition and deal with these long enough , and guess what?? some of the mission impossible kind of things are gonna rub on us !!!

it was so cool. and i just hung back and gawked at him. there was a whole entourage with him. and it was nice to see so many indians.
he asked a couple of questions. and once he was done, on his way out he caught me gawking at him and smiled ...
all i could do was grin back at him.

so he asks .. "what are you doing here?"
"and have you selected your thesis yet?"
"gulp .. yes..am doing research under Prof M"

he seemed pleased. well i know he's not pleased that i've found my non existant thesis topic. but then mebe he was pleased to see the number of indian students.
how far we have travelled. the money we're pouring into these places. money we know we're investing. sure of recovering it.
how does it feel to be the father of a country and see your children doing well ?

to know your people are slowly waking up to the right potential of what they can truly achieve.
so not all of us are bill gates or not all of will start a google/yahoo/ oracle whatever.. but then enough of us do. and the rest of us aint doing so bad after all.
its the huge middle level thats gonna fix all the problems aint it?

and i wanted to tell him so much. i wanted to tell him , that none of us out here had forgotten home. that we all wanted to go back. for a definite reason. that we wouldn't forget the motherland. and somehow , some of us would find a way to give back. i wanted to tell so much.

ofcourse he had to leave in a hurry. but i have to admit.
today .....
even my cynicism had to shut up.

i was just in awe.
i had met the president of india !!
in my research lab !! now THAT has to be an experience for the memory book!!!


  1. Darn it.
    Such a nice blog entry and still no mood to throw in a treat!

    Bahut na-insaafi hai. Maybe I should talk to the prez himself abt it :)

  2. Awwwww... soo sweet..gal.
    who ever u are, if i was a boy i wud have gotten married to u.

    shitt i killed the suspense.. dint i?