Tuesday, October 9, 2007

dEciDe nOW

its crazy when we hafta make those choices that could change our life.

u know.. deciding which color shirt to wear. this wudn't ruin ur life.. mebe..
but deciding which job to take, which school to go to, who to marry. these are touch decisions man. and usually if ur like anything like me, you'll hate to make them too.

u never know if ur making the biggest mistake of your life...

u never know if u should be running in the opposite direction...

these are just really really annoying moments.

now ofcourse if you were anything like me ( and thank the gud lord ur not !) u'd just procrastinate till someone makes the decision for you. mebe sleep. mebe have a coffee.
mebe sit by a lake and look at the stars???

ofcourse u don't know what i'm talking about do u ?? only one does...
and mebe its time u (like me) decided a couple of things right now.

like - its high time we had some chocolate mousse.

yummm !!

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