Tuesday, October 16, 2007

tO DieT oR diE eAtiNG ?

what is it with people nowadays?? or am i hopelessly outnumbered on this one.
so many females who were kind of normal before,
have gone completely whacko.

theyr on this dieting spree. now don't get me all wrong and get tied up in a knot. what i mean is, well theyr dieting for the WRONG reasons. perfectly healthy females who are starving themselves so that they can get married.
listening to the blessed mater, apparently its a normal thing.

girls 'shud' do that.

and guys fall for the whole 'song and dance' routine.

poor saps.

coz most of them don't know the first thing that goes through a gals head once he's hooked. ( as in engaged/ amrried whatever )
"gr8 ! now i can eat"
and they don't stop. ever.

which is like so wierd. coz if ur a guy and u think this girl is reasonably skinny and u marry her. 6 months down the line, ur wondering where she went.
probabaly inside this other person waddling next to u.
coz the female doesnt stop at what she was before...

she just goes on and on with a vengeance... probably to make up for all those days she starved.

luckily for all you guys, these kind of girls are getting scarce. nowadays they atleast try to starve themselves for a while after the wedding also. mebe they 'SAY' health. but deep down u know why they'r doin it.

but the whole thing is so fucked up.
ok ok i agree we snack on too much junk and our health would be a lot better if we actually did something bout it. ok ok i agree its me and not you. but i'd rather be healthy for ME. and any 'person' around me who makes THAT a condition for .... anything. deserves to have their 'b***s' cut off.

people. get a life.
ofcourse now the seriously obese? i don't know what they'r thinking either. but i'm not talking about them. and they are a whole different story. i'm talking of the kind of normal females .... who go anorexic 6 months before the wedding??? just so they can find the perfect guy. well , the one's who start a sudden spate of skin care involving gram flour, cucumbers, mud(??!!)...
people tell me i live in never never land. if i don't do something soon, i'll turn into a pathetic spinster, and die alone.
boooyah !

the logic is so convoluted. getting anorexia just so some ass can agree to marry you is probably the worst piece of advice you can give a young female.
but mebe thats only me and i'm missing something here.

i just can't see it. u know its like looking at those wierd stereo images that are supposed to show us something. i just can't see it. no matter how long i stare at the picture.
why ?

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  1. I've never understood the dieting thing. I need four meals a day. :) But then I've never been overweight either, if anything, I'm underweight...
    Not to mention that this whole thing is one-sided. I haven't heard of a guy being asked to lose weight just so some chica will agree to marry him. What does that say? That guys are more shallow than girls? That I don't have enough data to back my statements? That our system is so screwed up that it's not possible to make sense out of it?

    Or that we're just reading too much into the whole scenario. :)

    Btw, anyone trying to get fairer/not get any darker? That's also a major sticking-point.