Sunday, October 21, 2007

bUsy sUNdAY

this time i was worried. i was really cutting it a bit close.

here i was, with no phone charger in NY. no internet. no battery charge left on my phone. about to go to houston.
this is how it started. the plan was

a cab would pick me up from the hotel. i'd catch a flight to houston from JFK airport and a cab would pick me up from the houston airport and drop me off at the houston hotel. ok sounds good. everything was arranged.
the only prob was i didnt have either of the cab numbers on me. i didnt have internet to check any info. i didnt have the boarding pass. i was not sure i was SUPPOSED to catch the flight at JFk ??
the only thing i knew. LUCKILY that i was catching a jet blue flight. luckily.

so there i was standing in the lobby of the hilton in NY with a voucher. who do i call ? where's the first cab ???
ok so i asked the concierge. ok she knew who to call. and she called and i got the cab.

next problem, am i even supposed to go to JFk ??? i know i had said that but i had just glanced through the flight plan the previous day. in a rush. i cud be blinking wrong !!

man that was a tense 40 min ride. ok i walk to the jet blue counter and the entire queue i'm wondering if theyr gonna tell me i'm in the wrong airport...
wth !

anyways i get the ticket. ok gud. am in. high five !!

ok now am calm for the next 4 hours in the flight. as we reach houston i reember. i don't have my phone anymore. and i don't know where to go.
uh oh

so i land and get my bags. i see a sign that says taxi.

is it a taxi thats coming for me??

is it a limo ??? who knows where i shud stand???

i go wandering around a bit. waiting here , waiting there. no sign.

uh oh,
no internet. no emergency number i can call. no phone to call from.

before the last of the battery dies on my phone, i switch it on and remember the first number i can find. its the only texas number i have. coz i figure that someone may allow me to use their phone, to call one number. u know like in a police lock up.
ok so i memorize this one texan number i know, austin actually. ofcourse calling this number is a lil sticky. asking for help from this person is a lil sticky. avoids me like the plague. probably doesn't like me all that much.
but will do. desperate times call for desperate measures. :-/

ok in case i missed the limo who's number i don't have. do i know where i'm supposed to go ?? in houston ???
hmm its not the mariott. thats where i stayed the last time... hmm i was sure its a place thats name starts with an H. mebe i cud ask someone for a list of all hotels that start with an H...
and while these thoughts are running through my head and am convassing the area for a friendly face who's phone i cud borrow. my plan was to call this person, ask him to login to my email and check the details in my inbox... gud plan huh? luckily i didnt need it.

luckily i had like 20 sec of phone battery left and this driver called me. the limo driver.
and thats how i got here. now

hotel derek.
starts with an H ?? ha !

so much for my memory. i can just see myself roaming the streets of houston searching for a hotel that starts with H.
how do i GET Into these scrapes????

i shudn't be allowed outside my house in public.

i have NO IDEA what i'm doing across seven seas in a strange country without enough money.

well atleast i'm in. u shud google the hotel derek. its an AWESOME place ! and for the first time in 3 hotels i have free internet. YAHOO !!
more posts WILL follow.

coz i got no phone. and nothing else to do ;P

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