Friday, October 19, 2007

pArTY TimE

there's always something going on isn't there?

ok ppl its time to break out the champagne bottle.

Mr Sept is getting married !! to a very nice mysore girl it seems ..
aaaha !!! seems like Mr S has not lost anytime at all !!

apart from the broken heart from his rejection.... (sorry can't say that without grinning :D ) lets all stand up and congratulate the chappie. Angel guy as we call him affectionately is about to get hitched. surely he deserves a pat on the back ??

now coming to the point as to how i came to know this, ever since Mr S rejected me, apparently its 'hot' news in m'lore. ESP his reasons for doing it. why people are SO jobless in m'lore is beyond me. bank managers no less !
isn't it funny ? you walk into a bank to withdraw some money for your monthly telephone bill and your friendly neighbourhood bank manager says - "have you heard? the guy who rejected your daughter is getting married to XYZ"
ROFL man nothing can be funnier !!
apparently everyone thinks its their duty to inform me of his life events.

i DO NOT understand why they think i wud be interested. but heck now that i know....
mebe i shud do the jiggle dance ??? some ppl are just plain wierd. keep giving us wierd pieces of info we wud never need. god bless them ! how wud we ever be entertained otherwise???

ok ok comin back to the gala wedding.
this is nice. another sap bites the dust. albeit the first time i've been so super informed about the guys life. bit like a brittney spears syndrome eh? in ur face info, even if ur not looking for it !

on the home front , everytime i call my mom? (bless her soul, i know i always say that before i rip her case right off the shelf, u'll just have to bear with it. pretend your talking to a dyslexic person. no offense to dyslexic people..) she gets almost hysterical in making sure i don't talk to Mr S anymore.

ok OK i am not gonna talk to him. get a grip woman. jeez. after all now he's gonna be a married man .. the last thing i want is an accusation from his fiancee that i'm upto something.
like THAT has not happened before.....
NOT the me being upto something people !! me being ACCUSED ! jeeeez man. knock it off
:) its only funny on this side of the atlantic...

but in the midst of all the professed shyness of angel guy and the champagne you all are busy drinking, we have to admit, Mr S turned out to be pretty slick.. and pretty sneaky huh.
no hints at all.
and all those declarations of how we were still friends ??? tsk tsk..
sneaky sneaky...

hey but anyways. congratulations Mr Sept. u cudn't have done better
let me nurse the broken shards of my non-existent heart with a vodka ...

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