Tuesday, October 9, 2007

dOes tHis bLoG mAke mY bUtT loOk fAT?

so studies say having fat friends make us fatter.

too bad , for my friends.. all of them are skinny and guess i'm making them fatter by the minute.
if u want you can read the story

ofcourse this came out a while ago, but i thought of posting this today..
why u ask ???

well don't. u don't wanna know.

on another note, due to a couple of minor disasters in my life , my mother .. blessed woman as she is, now thinks i shud get plastic surgery done. whoa !!
wait there a second. don't u think thats a tad drastic ??

well there's a lot of psychology i can throw at u, and say that its not good, yada yada yada.. but ofcourse who can reason with the original essence of madness.

aah well looks like i'm banned from home forever. okies. i'll just wait for her to pass to the gr8 wide pastures beyond...

plastic surgery ... hmmmm.... i wonder... when we become as desperate as to consider that, then perhaps thats the time to get out the people in white coats. or the bourbon.

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