Wednesday, October 10, 2007

sMilE aNd wAvE eVerYoNE

since a lot of people are asking me about Mr Sept. and since we have not officially said our goodbyes to him yet.

i'd like to take this very public forum to help clarify a few things..
Mr sept is long gone. (coz now its october :P ok ok PJ !! am i not allowed even one ??)

we had a few differences.. mostly that of a few 100 pounds .... ( too less too much ?? who can tell ??? :D )

my poor mother in the process has gone mad. (bless her soul but spare me the drama woman) i have told those at home that i have lost my phone and cannot be contacted for the next 2 months.
aaah atlast some peace !!!

so everybody... pls stand up and smile and wave your hands and say goodbye to Mr Sept. our star of the series and the person who spawned off so many of our more beloved posts...

well this shud take care of anymore future 'propsect' don't u think ?
well well.. did someone mention the devil's spawn ??? right ho ! and get back to work u mangy currs...

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