Sunday, October 14, 2007

aNd iN tHE miDdLe oF tHiS

and in the middle of all my craziness of school and job hunting and my mom i have some people who just refuse to sit quietly.

now what is it with some people who have to spread nasty stories about us at home.
hey ! call me crazy, call me insane, call me a feminist chick who shouldn't be touched by a ten foot pole. i DON'T mind.
infact i'll even take it as a compliment.

heck u can even call me fat to my face. i won't punch you. I promise.

but don't do what some morons did. thats just not plain nice. and like i tell N , you should ALWAYS play nice.
dude, you don't wanna play mind games with females. and this could be a warning to all guys out there.

never ever try to play mind games with crazy chicks. its proven that the average female is far far devious than you can EVER ...... EVEr imagine. just don't cross her.

u know those wierdos who talk to you all nice and cute and then go around telling whacko stories to people. its even ok if u tell people who i don't know and who'll never see/ hear of me again. but in m'lore???

that city is like THE city of gossip. things come back a full circle and people people people... u have no idea how much trouble you can get into in f***in m'lore just coz of one stupid story.

walk away before i punch you man. walk away.


  1. hey .. ive actually been a great fan of ur blog.. u write so well.. n we all so perfectly understand the parental cribbing on proposals so basically we are on the same boat.. he he

  2. did u get to punch the man.. i say hit him so hard that he forgets to speak.
    anyways its been an yr alwready!!!!