Wednesday, October 17, 2007

fAlLiNG iNtO iT

I'm in love.

its wierd. ofcourse it is. after all these years. cupid has struck.

its a different matter that i feel like shooting a lightning bolt at cupid. i don't need love to complicate my life. its jinxed as it is ! i wasn't looking for this. u know that.
u've read all the rants and the raves i've been on against emotional mush ?
and yet when it strikes.... it defies all logic.

i think of it everyday. every minute. its constantly on my mind. it? i mean the object of my affection. i know its hopeless and yet hope lingers on refusing to die.
every phone ring, my heart skips a beat... every time i refresh my inbox, i'm waiting... i can't focus. i can't concentrate ( not that i cud conc much before.. but we'll overlook that) i wasn't like this. how did it happen. i thought i was immune....

OK OK. i can't do this anymore !! bleaaaaaeeeech.
if u believed a word of that , then ofcourse ur a nincompoop.
i'm not in love u idiot. ugh.
all that mush. i have this saccharine taste in my mouth and a sudden urge to wash it away with some checmical hazardous acid. that shud take the taste right out of my mouth. infact that shud take away my mouth.
though i have to say , its an interesting topic to observe. sappy people who say theyr in love... and the way they behave.
I SAY we shud put them in lil cages and observe what they do :P

OK OK am kiddin ... am kiddin...
i have just too many ppl around me ( they may not be able to take me on singlehandedly , but together they cud squash me to a pulp , and not considering there are 2 in the place of one now.. ) who cud threaten bodily harm for me, to actually expand on my theories...
but seriously? did u believe that ??? have you learnt nothing in the last one year???

~Q of D

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