Thursday, October 11, 2007

bUT sTilL ...

Well considering that I don't use my brain for most of the things I do ...
then it makes sense that I'm writing, doesnt it ??

ok u have to read the Hitchhikers Guide to the galaxy.. i have isolated this strange depression that has descended on me as the onset of withdrawal symptoms from NOT reading a book from a really really long time. phew ! long sentence ..
One can ofcourse sense the madness setting in.

now lets think bout why the hitchhikers guide is the greatest book ever...
especially the eternally depressed android.

think that is.

ok am done. lets move on.

R is comin to town. R has grown incredibly mushy after the engagement.. but then, one is allowed to grow incredibly mushy during the first couple of weeks on one's engagement.. so i guess one must make allowances for R. also R is getting cake !! and that goes a long way in tolerating all kinds of mushiness.

i am hearing strange noises from my housemates room next to mine. i am NOT a fan of thin cardboard walls i have to say. no no u pervert ! not those kind of noises..
i don't know.. what the heck were YOU thinking???
but i think she's crying.. or is that maniacal laughter. with some females its impossible to tell.

i wonder how guys live years and years with some of the females i see around me.
( now i KNOW no one cud live with me for yrs and yrs.. so i'm included in that list incase u think me too conceited.. )
but think bout it, one female in the lounge today..

"I am sooo proud of myself (why wat did u do ??) .. i actually guessed the area you live in just by hearing your area code.." (wtf??? there are max 3 areas around school.. and this makes u proud of your achievements?? - does that mean i deserve a nobel prize for listening to you yap , without smashing something over your head ???)
this dame really annoys me. she butts into my conversation with someone else without any ..... and then starts blabbering random crap.
some people reaaaaallly annoy me. heck sometimes "I" annoy me.

yeah i get annoyed pretty easily.. i guess...

i find my life infinitely more peaceful without my phone. dang !! i shud have thought of it sooner...

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