Friday, October 19, 2007

giRLs iN lOvE

R's brain has turned into complete mulch.

apparently she is now crying over her fiance's absence.

gawd wat happens to women when they fall in love ??? do they all turn into direct train wrecks?? why ???
she's just knows him from the last 2 weeks and now??? she's weeping buckets at his leaving..

and she baked a cake for him !!! and sent it in the courier !! too much !!! i know that stingy, miserly female would never have done it for anyone else...
in her place i might not have done it either... baking is a lil too much huh ...

and i can't believe this was the same girl who scorned the rest of our roomies for being too mush !! she kept saying how she could never understand it. and blah blah..
hmmm i think when the serious types fall in love, their brains turn into complete sod !!! i can't imagine. was i like this too ?????
sadly i think yes. lol

oh well atleast someone is eating some cake...

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