Friday, May 29, 2009

ribBoNs , bAyonEtS aNd gaUntLetS

so now that i'm getting married... [ oh btw apparently i'm getting married ]




oh alrite. i'll give you 10 minutes to process that.




wat so you mean u don't understand???
how hard is it to understand???

listen very very carefully.

here, u shud read my lips.

apparently...i... am... get..ting... married.

yes the word 'apparently' is very important in that sentence. why?
becoz i don't think i fully believe it.
ofcourse i have this vague feeling that i'll be standing on my marriage stage thingy and saying "i don't believe it. i just don't believe it. wat do you MEAN i'm getting married??"

in fact 10 yrs down the line i might call you up and say "dude, i got married"

oh you think this is like a fairy tale? are u kidding! its more like a kick in the backside where life is finally saying, "wake up. time to grow up. stop playing the eternal fool..."

aaaw but all in all i think i might be happy about it. i mean somewhere inside. deeep deeeeep dddeeeeeeeep inside :D

ok OK I'M KIDDING i'M KIDDING. i'm obviously thrilled. i mean what's not to be thrilled?? ofcourse it's thrilling.... errr.


and no R i don't feel any butterflies in my stomach yet. i feel like my head was kicked by a horse.
yes yes.
in shock. that's exactly how i feel. but all in all.


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