Friday, May 15, 2009

sParK oF cOLor

heyy thanks K!!! for the pic ^_^

somehow i really like it :P its going up on the wall. like The wall. u know...
hmmm would be interesting to have a mini gallery on my wall now wouldn't it??
i'd have to remove that corny pic of me and my friends huh.

ok ok back to the pic.
i shall call it......
"an ode to loneliness"
hmm too corny.
ok ok i'll call it...
"Life" ... no wait "L-o-v-e"
i can just see him choking on his coffee.

how about..... "Alien and unrealistic to find this color on planet earth flower"
:D hee sorry. ok OK i'm kidding.

that's it. i'm sticking with 'L-o-v-e'

now my SF trip is cancelled. and i'm thinking of going to alaska for a break.
how does one go to alaska for a break??
like a cruise or something?
prob or something...

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