Wednesday, May 6, 2009

iDes oF aPriL

just when i thought i was running out of stuff to say ....

this is what i find in my Intel inbox today :D

You probably don’t see a subject line like that everyday... I am looking for a horse to ride in a wedding procession. I prefer the horse be white (or mostly white) and female. Does anyone know where I can get one? Or does anyone have a horse they would let me use? Of course I’d need the owner to be there to walk the horse through the procession. I am willing to pay a reasonable price. I need the horse on the morning of Sat July 4. If you know of a horse but it’s not female or not completely white, please contact me and we might be able to still work things out. Thanks.



jeez man. are you .. ahem. ok never mind. but still....

well so i know i know i've been kind of neglecting you.. and there's plenty i have to tell you about.. like how about all the stuff i bought yest, and the cabinets i assembled and managed to hit myself on the thumb with a hammer. and 2 of the nails kind of angled and broke the plywood. but its not a complete disaster. it looks ok from the outside.
and how about that we went to K's house for dinner since his parents were here. and yummy indian food.

and how about i had this really interesting conversation with this teacher in the school i go to on saturdays. now apparently he stayed for a whole year on the mountains with no electricity and water !!! can u imagine that!! just for the experience. now most of you wud ask, wats the point of that? and if ur indian, i'll bet my grandma's teeth that you won't 'get it' at all...
i mean we really are too practical sometimes..
'wat did he get from that?' yes yes i know. ye of little imagination, that's what you're wondering.

never u mind. if you don't get it, there isn't any point explaining.

so then, hmmm nothing else.. waiting for that camping trip. up in utah :P
ooooh ooooooh i need to upload some pics. of that tulip festival we went to.
ok i can do that now.

gimme a sec
ok now bear with me. there are too many...

phew take a breather

that's my roomie's bf and he got a bike !! yaay!!

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