Monday, May 18, 2009

paCk tHeM iN

i had a productive weekend.

well consider the insane number of hours shopping for ONE dress and the productivity drops a bit. also consider that i DIDN'T go to the beach like i originally planned to, and the productivity drops a lil more... aaaw phooey.


ok so we went to this concert, band thing. by a amateur geek band. seattle based and it was for charity. so a good thing. and i had 2 samosas . yaay! and ... and
so A and her bf don't really understand Hindi. and were whining about how they shud play some tamil songs instead. and how boring everyone was and how much more cooler Tamil ppl were... [ and here i admit , before God and man, that i lost my temper a bit and was a wee bit blunt, when i told her, she better have stayed in every damn place in India to make that statement that Tamil ppl are the bestest and mostest fun ]


wat i'd like is just ONE mangalorean out here in Portland. and just you wait. your eyes will cross and you'll fall down weeping. when you see how much fun mangaloreans can be. calm down? waddaya mean calm down?? I AM CALM DAMMIT!!

ok anyways. so then.
hmm so we were supposed to do something fun after that. going somewhere fun for dinner. but u know what happened. all the places close by 8.
so we ended up going home and they ate cereal. me? PUH-lEEase. i SCOFF at cereal.

now i rode home with K. not the K from east coast. let me call him K.portland. not that K, this K. :D
ok ok K-2389723.
this will be a unique idenitifier for portland K [ except that as soon as i hit publish, i'll forget the number and then where will we be?? ]
he's pretty funny. this guy. and he wanted to watch a movie. so in the end, since everyone was exhausted from all the idli sambar we had in the morning and the shopping we had done earlier in the day, i was the only one in K's house. at midnight watching a movie. and what did we watch?? fashion.


yup. you heard me correctly. we watched FASHION!
i woudl really like to get my hands on the person who recommended that movie to me. get my hands on them and beat them silly. i mean COME ON. that movie was nothing but a bunch of dumb cliches.
jeez. i could have written a better script. trust me.
for sure i'd throw in a couple of high speed car chases, some alien abductions, some fast track dance numbers... :D

ok ok. so since we anyways started watching it, i held off on falling flat on my face till it got over. it got over at 3 and forget it man. i aint driving back home that time of the night [ you know how i amazing my sense of direction is. i just don't want to land up in california or seattle... ]
so i crashed in his pad. but then the curse struck the next morning. i mean come ON, will my insomnia EVER gimme a break??

so there i was at 6 in the morning. awake and wanting to go home and not wanting to wake him up. and so i did the only logical thing i could. i snuck out of his house, quietly closing the door behind me and trying my best not to look like i had a one night stand and was going home with a massive hangover after a hard night's partying, to any onlookers.

man the weather is AWE. SOME.
so i went for a jog, went for a swim. went shopping again with A. actually found a nice dress. came home and cooked dinner for my friends and then promptly fell flat on my face.

phew! that was an EXHAUSTING DAY.

so you see. i was kinda justified in neglecting you guys...don't you think?
and besides. what are you doing?? reading this post?? you should be OUTside. but now i see it clearly. the lure of living in california. i wanna go to california tooooo.

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