Tuesday, May 12, 2009

rAinChEcK pLanS

me: hey! carpe diem! seize the day!!

X: is that how you ended up with a holiday package for 4 to hawaii??

me: yup!!

so for some reason we were discussing the old testament. me and A.
so for some reason we were discussing the story of Abraham who had to sacrifice his son Isaac to God.

me: ... so then abraham was asked to kill his son. and he had to take him to a mountain and cut his head off?? blind him .. something..and i think ....
A: omg they totally copied tamil.
me: .... wat?? ur saying the bible COPIED the story from tamil mythology??
A: yeah yeah don't you rem?? that guy ?? wat was his name?? he was asked to kill his... his ... his MOTHer that's it!!
me: are you talking about PARASHURAM??? WHEN DID HE BECOME TAMIL!!! [ OMG ARE U KIDDING ME?? ] uhhh he's not tamil. he's like .. from indian mythology. and basically connected to MANGALORE. stop making my entire heritage OBSOLETE!!! >_<
A: yeah yeah the same thing only na.
me: ... [ i want to cut off MY Head now. ]

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