Saturday, May 16, 2009

tHerE's a tiMe tO sHoP

aaaahhhhh a seriously long overdue post

hmmm let me guess the scintillating topic [ no even 'I' don't know the topic till i reach about halfway through the post... ]

oooh. its about the fascinating difference between guys and girls when it comes to buying stuff and spending money.
actually saw this cartoon strip.
wife gets back from shopping groceries
wife: "i spent 4 hours and only 98.45 for all the groceries!!!
[ husband is too long a word, so i'll just say ] man: "organic vegetable mayo sauce??"

guy returns from the store the next time
man: "i spent only 20 min shopping, but the bill is 459.23"
wife: "why do we have 23 different types of canned tuna?"


its true.
take for example - when we want to
furnish our living room

most guys - go to one store. finding everything there on the first day. pay the darn bill and get OUT of there. they wudn't bother about the bill, coz they'd prob just go to Wall-mart or Ikea in the first place.. heyy. doesn't get simpler. RIGHT???
[ guys mind[?]: so long as the bank savings aren't wiped out. and the recliner is comfortable and the tv screen is B-I-G. what do we care??
also its easy to make these sweeping generalizations coz if u notice i said M-O-S-T guys. if you are the rare nut who still likes to disagree with me, i can just point out maybe you are NOT like most guys and then question you're masculinity. ha!! CLEARLY i'm brilliant :P ]

most girls - spend 10 days observing other living rooms to get the general idea of what's there. the initial scouting mission might also comprise of going to all neighborhood furniture outlets to see what's available. agonize over the color scheme. decide on the theme. go to Target, to get what you can out there.. to get by till you have your main furniture, buy placehold tacky furniture that is very clearly temporary. this buys you some time until sales, bank balance, decided on colors...
make repeated trips to Ikea. check online. buy one matching piece at a time. painstakingly co-ordinating the colors.... and even themes. process wuold probably take months. in the end we'd donate the extra furniture away. and have a pleasing living space for the whole family. with perfumed pot pouri and flower vases kept artistically in the corner. book shelves and lamps placed strategically around that all came together in a harmonious symphony of pleasant aesthetics to create a positive zen effect.
[ whoa!! even typing that was exhausting enough. ok i'm reverting to my original plan A. in MY room i'll have a recliner, a hammock and all books stored in crates. ]

about buying gifts

some guys - oh man. her b'day coming up. how about a gift card. or a toolkit? she's ALWAYS borrowing mine. don't you think, a toolkit is a good gift?
ok this isn't so hard. there are plenty of choices for girls... and she keeps telling me what she likes.. now if only i could remember any of what she said. yada yada yada. always yammering away. talking... always with the talking. why can't they just shut up for once?? the mind can only take so much. always switches off when she drones on for more than 15 minutes...
hmmm mebe a dress. [ dress size? style? horror of all - color??? ] ok mebe a shoe. or a perfume. bingo!! that's best. a perfume. and some flowers.
right we're done.

some other guys - b'day?? ok chocolates. what kind of b'day gift is that?? hey i have this policy. on not to spend money on girls. all girls are money grubbing... oooomph [ narrator has stuffed the mike into the guy's mouth and hit him silly with her handbag ]
[ >_< OK EL CHEAPO. we get the point. your a Tight ass. allow me to remove the stick from ur ass and beat you with it. :O ]

also girls can't understand how anyone can NOT spend money on them. i mean aren't they sweet lovable giving creatures??? how can u not just rip your wallet open and shower them with gifts ??? :D
aaah the eternal dance between man and woman.
and his wallet.

what could be more symbolic of life??


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