Monday, May 18, 2009

dEep aNd StiLl

strictly speaking, i don't think i'm that totally 'there' in terms of spatial cognition or just plain awareness of my body. sometimes i think that even my subconscious mind probably just sees me as a floating head. without the rest of the body attached to it.


i know!!
the only reason i think that, is coz i keep bumping into things.... or stumbling over stuff left on the floor.... or knocking things down... or hitting sharp corners of furniture [ ouch! ] etc etc

yest i had a reeeeeally nice swim, well swimming wud be taking it a step too far. i was generally doing a very good immitation of plankton in the water... lying on my back and looking at the clouds... while [ you know i see no reason why i can't wear my glasses in the pool. u c i can't cloud gaze very well without my glasses. that's it. today i wear my glasses into the pool. ] so anyways i was just floating on my back, with my eyes closed and then for some reason i open one eye and look to the side, see something that looks like someone swimming under me and get really frightened
i mean i thought someone had sneaked up on me [ hey!! haven't you seen any teenage comedy horror movies??? ] and anyways i got so frightened, i immediately turned over, all sputtering and swallowing water and looking around, searching for this person.
ofcourse there wasn't a person.

what i had seen was only my hand.

[ I KNOW!! what am I?? A RETARD??? ]

and i stare at my hand in disbelief. wondering why my brain doesn't even know enough to keep in mind that my hand would be next to my body. right there, attached to my shoulder... and floating in the water along with the rest of me....

jeez man. [ so well then. here's one more reason i shud consider wearing my glasses in the pool. atleast i will not startle myself when i see myself in the water. uh-oh that can be taken in a multitude of ways... ]


really!! sometimes i just dumbfound myself!

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