Wednesday, June 3, 2009

sCarY aNd obSeSseD woMen

ok so you've been waiting. like wth! i can't just drop a bombshell like that and disappear. ok ok.

anyways there IS a very good reason. on why i didn't write. coz then i'd just write about one thing and that one thing is something i didn't really want to write about. and ... oh all right.


so it's interesting how many ppl now suddenly are concerned about stuff i quite frankly don't know or care about. now for example.
"what you're going just a week before the wedding?? what about the shopping?? :O"
"uhhhh. WHAT about the shopping?? we just have a one day wedding. its no big deal..."

[ i see horrified expression on A's face and i'm thinking, mebe i better say something before she gets a minor heart attack ]
"well.... hmm my mom'll buy something. i mean its not like i have to see the sari, i just gotta wear it..." < voice trailing off. the situation has somehow become worse >

< i try again > .... < aah foolish me!! >
"well u know. i'd rather spend time planning on what i'll do AFTER the wedding. u know. after all the wedding is just ONE day. and then my mom has probably already picked out everything in the last 10 yrs... i mean..."
[ ok lame duck ending. but HEY. i can't help it. ]

so then A gives up in disgust and walks away muttering about how some ppl are so wierd and have no respect for the sanctity of a marriage. i mean come ON. so you maybe very very particular that you need to wear a major fashion designer for ur wedding. [ which by the way i wudnt be caught dead in ]
but then ok so different strokes for different folks eh??

so i'll wear something. and i'll prob look like a doofus. so what? it'll be hot. i'll be zoned out. [ trust me. think of 1000 ppl stuffed in a concrete structure in mlore. u'll wish u were zoned out ]
right now the best thing i can hope for, is that i don't fall flat on my face in front of hundreds of ppl.

or look like a frozen deer caught in the headlights in any snaps. puhlease. do you KNOW how many ppl look at random wedding snaps. even if they have no clue about anyone in the entire darn book... ppl are interested... which by the way, reminds me. u think i can get proffessional photographers banned from the premises.

OMG are u kiddin me?? do you even REMEMber how annoying they can be?? with the please stand like this. and please look there and please do the wedding again, the lighting was not good....

ok mebe i shudn't think so much about the wedding. i'm sure to freak out and then where will we be?? most def with a dozen ppl chasing me to kick my butt.

u know what wud be nice. if i had a clone. see? i cud send her in my place. see? ok the plan is slightly flawed..

right right. rambling again. i know.
well ... why the heck did you think i haven't been writing !!!

jeez. do i need to spell everything out!!


  1. who is this LUCKY one?
    is he able to speak/write good english?

  2. now now. be nice Anon. there's no need to get all kinds of nasty. or mebe u didn't mean it that way and i'm reading too much into ur casual comment.

    mebe u can ask K himself.

  3. was i being NASTY?
    well since i believe its your selection and not your mothers he should be a SUPERMAN.

    Hope you atleast found a TULU speaking guy.

    Best Wishes.

  4. Oh my God! We were waiting for you to change the world for us to live in a better place. Anyways, congrats!! and best of luck.