Friday, May 29, 2009

seE iT iN uTaH

OMG did i have the most fantastic trip EVER !!

a whirlwind tour of utah and part of arizona.

ok so we flew down to SLC, drove to moab, saw the arches national park the whole day.
we actually hiked up to see the delicate arch :O
and that too when i had got my .... ahem :O

then we drove to page arizona. saw the antelope canyon. saw the awesome shafts of light , lighting up the canyon brilliantly. man-o-man. then we camped on the shores of lake powel after a boat cruise :)
and the next day was a mad dash back to SLC. reached the boarding gate 30 seconds before everyone started boarding :D
the funniest part was when the lady kindly informed us that it was a 7 hr drive abckl to Salt lake city from page, AZ and we choked on our coffees as we thought it was just 5 hrs...

man i have NO WORDS to describe the country i saw, the landscapes, the grand vistas.

the mountain ranges. and i know i might forget them somewhere into the deep recesses of my mind. but i'll never forget the feeling of having my breath taken away.

u shud go. to see those rocks, all shaped by wind and water. and nature.
oh btw antelope canyon is on private lands, in indian Navajo reservation land. and eons ago, that's where ppl lived. the Navajo indians. kids played there, ran there, generations lived there ^_^

i wonder if those ppl ever feel jaded.
seeing the same thing again and again. or if they feel the same sense of wonder we feel, when we see it for the first time ^_^

ok so we hiked to see the delicate arch no?
uhhhhhh i have NO WORDS ...
trust me. u need to put that on ur bucket list. put it now, put it now!!
stand on top of that mountain or watever and look at that arch shaped by nature. and as i stood there, i looked at the cloudy, rainy skies and thought to myself. in places like this, i can believe in the existence of God.

i mean just look at it!!
its ... it's .... aaaaaargh. no words. i think we need to invent a new word for these kind of things ... :D
phew. but you shud go. will post some pics as soon as i get em. but you shud SOOOOO go.

all i saw for 3 days is blue, brown and more blue. no green at all. its all desert country you know :)

saw so many empty acres and acres of land. and i wanted it all. the space, the land, the horse ranch. and a big house , ok a lil house in the middle of nowhere :D
aaah silly empty pipe dreams, but what's wrong in having empty pipe dreams anyways :)

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