Wednesday, May 20, 2009

tHe PeRfeCt liFe

man !! talk about a morning!! :O

you shud also take a half hour to talk to the security guard of your building.
trust me. you might hear a story so unbelievable that it might sound like science fiction !!

so i came in early today, coz i woke up at like... 4 AM. [ and realized i had never switched off the stove with the peas on it. and they're like carbon now. ugh ]
and was stopped by Mary.

she started off on something and was telling me how she has 1000 dollar sun glasses and loui vitton ... vutton?? ok vuitton handbags. and u know her key chain is like 200 dollars her belt is 300 dollars etc etc and i was barely paying attention. and i was like, my god. mebe this is the reason the US is in such deep shit. i tell u , i hadn't even HEARD of half the shopping boutiques in NY.

and she was talking about how she got divorced like 2 yrs ago after 16 yrs of marriage. and how she cud afford all this before her divorce..

now i was curious. i know everyone has a story, but this seems interesting.
so i asked her about NY and she tells me her husband was a principal engineer in NY and they owned a semiconductor refurbishing company there. they made like 250K grand a yr and she's been to paris, london, caribbean, etc etc and travelled the globe and shopped only in haute couture. etc etc.

[ but now SHE's a security GUARD for intel!!??! ]

curioser and curiouser.

then now she's alone making min, but she has savings and i don't pay a lot of attention to that. but then she casually mentions that she's not that worried about moeny coz they have real estate which will be sold off now. and i'm like. oh? where is this estate. she says she's part of this estate and she personally owns a street. IN FRIGGIN SAN FRANSISCO!!

the de Salvo street.

ok so now i'm standing there with my jaw hanging open. and i'm like. OMG.
so she tells me about her silver spooned childhood and how she lived in one of those mansion kind of places... etc etc

so wat happened? with the marriage?? after 16 years???
apparently the husband started drinking too much, and watched too much p*rn or something and wanted ungodly acts to be performed in the ahem.. u know.. err.. bedroom. and .... that's when i was grimacing and she stopped. apparently she was more christianly and i latched on to that and hung on for dear life.
[ no no we shud talk more about how faith is an imp anchor in life, instead of unnatural and ungodly acts in the bedroom ... ]
so apparently he got tired of being married. or watever. and that was it.

so now she stays with this guy also a technician in Intel and he has 3 kids, but he's been divorced for 16 yrs. so it's very slow. like they're taking it slow.
and then she says, "u know the ppl out here are so snooty and they think i'm just fluff when they can't even touch my wardrobe. i have a jewelry case of 250k alone.
out here we have an IT guy, a helicopter pilot, a school teacher finishing her masters as security guards coz they just can't find jobs elsewhere.

:O and that my dears is the lesson of the day.
never ever EVER judge a book by its cover.

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