Friday, May 8, 2009

tRansLatiOn erRorS

its a nice song. and i found it after a long time.

its awesome weather outside and we're stuck inside the 4 walls of the cubicle. man i am SO ready to retire :P

mebe the one eyed bunny is right, we shud all just quit and grow our own food :D

ok so did u see the latest episode of house?? freaky!
and lie to me? ok i'm watching too much tv.

so i go home yest and there's some really random madhavan movie going on. blech!! :P
sorry, i can't stand T movies. heyy i say if your gonna watch those god awful movies then u shudn't be blaring it on surround sound and inflicting torture on your roomates. u shud go into YOUR ROOM. also if ur on the phone and i'm watching television, don't come sit right next to me to talk loudly and go on and on...
man. get a ROOM. i can't carry a 3 ton tv inside my room. obviously the law of the sea applies here... the more maneuverable object gives way to the immovable.

ok ok. i need to relax. well one thing's good though. the horrid movie [ hey trust me it was bad, there was a pregnant lady and court and everything and madhavan looked like a scruffy ruffian in that movie. am sure it was one of his roles.. ]
atleast the movie drove me out of the house. since it was really nice weather, i could go for a run, ok walk and went to R's house. and then we had company over. and you know what that means... yaaay someone cleaned the house up. all nice and spiffy.

well kinda.
the best i can hope for. but guess what?? this gal knows kannada :O
and she can make idlis!!

ok now meet S my new best friend

u know which part of the song i like best?? where she says
'yeh jo aisas hai jo karar hai
kya isi ka hi naam pyaar hai?'
that part, the melody is niiiice... gives me lil chills along the spine.

something bout patterns, brain waves, and us recognizing it.

this is an awesome time to do all the boring stuff i've been putting off forever. with no sleep and no eating, i have plenty of time on my hands... i shud TOTALLY re-arrange all the stuff that needs to be re-organized. including probably my life :P

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