Thursday, May 14, 2009

sHip iS waiTiNG

the new lincoln ad song

shiny toys - major tom , orig by peter schilling.

omg did u see the last ep of house ???
its fascinating. u know... right brain left brain conflicts.
i love it!

its true u know.. we all have two personalities. have you read the book blink? apparently its about how our right brains intuitively know the right decision to make.. and sometimes less information is best. ha! i know that can be true.

house says something -
the left brain is the one, that's obsessed with finding an answer. the logic, the math, the reasoning.
the right brain is the mute loser.

aah but that's not true House. the right is the one that 'knows' even when we do not.
its the one that allows you to love poetry, the full moon, photographs and our place in the universe. yeah someone says all that too..

oooh i like the new lincoln ads.
spiffy :P

so my mom is coming here in july. apparently the month of aati. she can't search for... [ :O wth!! ]
ha! puhlease. i'm shipping my mom off to all my relatives first couple of months.. let her see half of the US.... egad! can you imagine if i have to ferry her around?? hmm no i guess not. just book nonstop flights..

btw is europe the second biggest continent? and is it bigger than the US???
sorry had to run..
ok apparently it is.. oooh i had forgotten all about this stuff when i passed 6th grade...
well anyways. it was just a small argument bw me and P.

ok coming back to the left brain , right brain discussion.
are you a left brainer or right brainer. its possible to have 2 strong sides [ like yours truly ] but which side dominates?
chances are if your in the field of engg, medicine, math, logic. then its obvious ur left brian has dev stronger and dominates your decisions.
now if your creative, artsy, floosy, make decisions based on the lunar cycle.. then ur right brain dominates :P
and if you're a left brain dominant [ by the way i've taken that test and i know i'm one for sure. a creature of logic. highly honed, refined, not every sane person can understand it kind of logic :P ]
but ... if you are a left brain dominant and unfortunately u have this really strong right brain that keeps giving you helpful hints/nudges/hits on the head, to do the opp of whatever u shud be doing. that makes for some pretty interesting internal conflicts :P

trust me. i know < rolling my eyes >

by the way, in the episode they said since the right brain cannot always know wats logical, it might help to verbalize ur decisions so that it can hear em too. but i think, that was only for those ppl where the connection bw the left and right brain was lost. hmmm but it can't hurt huh?
ok i'm gonna experiment. verbalizing all my decisions, and choices .. ok basically instead of talking to myself in my head, i'll just vocalize the process. sure a couple of ppl might give me some strange looks, and most ppl might be actively worried about my sanity... but heyy. this is science.
wat do i hope to prove? oh i dunno... methinks i can come up with some interesting conclusions.

ok 10 bucks says i can.

ok ur on.

[ did one half of my brain just place a bet with the other half??? :O ]

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