Tuesday, May 12, 2009

neEdEd - oNe rEsTraiNing OrdEr

last evening -

me: "omg heyy check out my fen-u-greek plants. i just dumped some fen-u-greek seeds into the pot, and now they're alive!! look!! this is life growing in my room!!" < blabbering in excitement >

A: "oh that's so cool."

me: "and they're growing so fast too!!" :)

A: "this is awesome. when the plants are grown, we can eat them. methi paratha, methi alu..." < dreamy voice as the list continues >

me: :O
< frozen in horror > "you're gonna k...k...kill...EAT my plant??"

A: "ofcuorse, what use is it otherwise?? it's gonna die sooon anyways!"

me: "wat?? WAAAT?? no its not!! plant is NOT gonna die if i can help it. it'll live forever!! ok k let me calm down. it might die, but it will die of only natural causes. it WILL live its normal cycle of life..."

A: "pfft. haha you are funny. what will you grow it to a tree??"

me: >_<
"WATEVER!! your not allowed within 10 feet of my plant. you.. you... TREE KILLER!!" < hunched protectively over the pot and scowling fiercely at A with sputtering indignation. >

A: "ha! i'll just take it when ur not around. one day you'll come back from office and you'll..."

me: "aaaaaaargh i can't bear this!! don't say anything. it might hear you!"

A: "but YOU are a vegetarian. you eat plants all the time!"

me: ".... ok mebe i shud just stop eating and live on air. why can't ppl live on air" < in despair > "maybe i'm a secret Jain or something"

A: ...

me: "ok whatever the thing. this plant is now my baby. and no one touches it to EAT IT! come ON man, plants have FEELINGS too you know!!! how can you bear to EAT this plant??? look how cute it is..." :O < voice reduced to pleading tone as i try to change her mind >
"LOOK , just LOOK at it! this is LIFE. it is trying to survive. growing. from nothing but seeds. this is .. this is... LIFE!!! i have helped something to LIVE!!"

A: "you're wierd"

< fading voice as i walk away >

exit scene - 1 nutcase.

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