Monday, May 11, 2009

mAke iT to Go

try reading alternate news for a change

Wierd stuff


A: what are u planning to do for 4th of july?
me: hmmm, well i'm not sure. what are u planning to do.
A: lets go somewhere!!
me: sure. how about alaska. we can do the cruise!!
A: i don't like cold places
me: ohhh ok how about montana? heard its got some awesome country.
A: oh no i'm tired of nature places.
me: ohhh how about austin or grand canyon?? that's also on my list.
A: it'll be too hot!!
me: okaaaay. how about michigan. i saw pics of this place, and its insanely wicked looking.
A: too far. for just a 3 day weekend...
me: hmm. ok well i always wanted to go drive along the coast and book myself into a B&B and just relax?
A: oh that's not a 3 day weekend. its something to do on a regular weekend.
me: uhhhhh. alrite then a friend of mine has invited me to go caving with her. we'll go explore caves.
A: OMG i can never EVER do that. i hate reptiles.
me: well we can always go to las vegas?
A: naah too hot. and crowded. don't feel like doing vegas. i want to do something different.

me: .....
me: ok let me get this straight. no nature, nothing too hot, nothing too cold, nothing too far, nothing too near. no reptiles or animals of any kind... no canada, no mexico.
A: yeah. i wish i could go to south america!! that wud be awesome.
me: ....


A: heyy wanna come with me. i want to buy some plants.
me: but u got plants last summer and then during winter u left them to shrivel up and die outside on the porch...
A: yup.
me: ....?? but then ur going to get more plants again this summer and what happens to them in winter??
A: they don't survive in winter.
me: ... :O waaaaaaat. i don't want to get plants when i know they'll die!!! :O that's horrible!!
A: but i don't get flowers. i like only useful plants. like vegetables, and herbs.
me: ....... ??!!?? [ USEFUL PLANTS??? that implies the existence of useLESS plants!!! i think while i stare aghast, speechless in horror ]

ok ok. so i did promise not to badmouth anyone. and k ok i admit it. i can be annoying as hell too. i mean, sure.
but i mean....

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