Wednesday, May 13, 2009

pRotEctiNg thEm

the story continues...

me: "OMG AN-D is pregnant!! they're having a baby!! that is SO COOL..." [ congrats AN-D! :) ]

A: "oh!!! that is nice...." < wistful voice >

A's bf: avoiding eye contact. and focusing on his sandwich.

me: "apparently it was unplanned"

A's bf: < looking interested now > "huh? how does that happen...."

me: "i dunno!! but they're still very excited!" ^_^

A: "ha! it can't be unplanned. obv the girl planned it..."

me: "no no no... she was still in shock..."

A: "ha! obv she'll say that now. but it was planned..."

me: "no no no.. she SAID it was unplanned..."

A: "haha! obv! if the guy keeps saying he's not ready , then obv the girl has to do something like that!" < says it oh-SO calmly/nonchalantly and continues with her sandwich. >

A's bf: < still hasn't gotten the full implications and is so cute in his cluelessness. still focused on his sandwich >

me: "dude.... DUDE. look alive dude!! did u hear that :D u better be careful!!"

A's bf: "huh? what? what happened??"

me: < repeat what she said. I see the light dawning on his face :D by now i'm roflmao >

A's bf: "DUDE!! you girls are DANGEROUS!! that's it. i'm gonna make sure i always wear a ******

me: "stop STOP! TMI TMI DUDE. too much information. oh-my eyes!! get these images out of my head!!"

:P man its a laugh riot in my house. every day.
apparently guy's ALWAYS THINk they're too young to get hitched, too young to have kids.
HEY. here's a NEWS FLASH. forget it already. your GIRLFRIENDS are already going ahead with the PLAN. you can either go along quietly with some semblence of dignity or go down kicking and screaming..

H comes over. for a bite.

me: hey. so i hear you're going around with this girl.

H: its not decided yet.

me: hmmm... i c i c.

H: my friend N said if i started dating her, i could forget talking to him. ever.

me: u shud stick to this friend N. he seems to be a true friend.

H: what does THAT mean!! :O come on. she's a nice girl!

me: sure! whatever... < rolling my eyes >

H: heyy it'll be hard to find a girl better than her.

me: are you insane?? even a gerbil might be better girl than her! even an insane chimpanzee on steroids.. ok ok. what are you thinking?? searching for some masochistic next cheap thrill??? i can just drill a hole in your head, u know..

H: so what are you saying? that YOU want to go out with me?

me: uh no thank you. no offense but i'd rather blow my brains out.

H: how is that, no offense? that's rude!

me: sorry :P good luck with ur crazy girlfriend. if matters get very serious, i can kidnap you and leave u in the middle of some forest. u might die a less painful death....

and it goes on. with him waxing poetic and me trying to convince him he needs to get an MRI done. i now know that love is not only BLIND, it is pretty much DEAF and DUMB too..


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