Sunday, September 28, 2008

sUpeR wOmEN i meEt

its true, its nice to meet new people and butt heads with them.

met this female yesterday and spoke to her for more than a couple of hours.
it was an... errr.... interesting experience.

huh, wats the biggie you think ? well. think bitch. no actually super bitch.
yup i think ur pretty close.

ok so , she's the girl who has to move out, so i can move in. lets call her M. like james bond evil villain kind of M.
and then there's my future roomate A. ( another A !! ) now A just gets steam rolled by M.

so yesterday i moved in. and locked horns with M.

hey ! they don't call me spawn of the devil for nothing. i've been friends with the best super B's of the planet. and just coz i prefer to emulate a sleepy sloth, doesn't mean i like ppl to walk over me.
NO WAY, a slip of a girl half my size tries to sell her old stuff to me for twice the price she probably paid for it. hey ! do I have 'sucker' tatooed on my forehead?

and she has the gall ... the GALL to say she needs to find a sucker for her dining table. thats right after she tries to sell her dining table to me.
oh yeah
i'm steamed.

i'd really like to sock her one.
and while i'm flexing my fingers, let me tell you this
if she thinks she can steam roll over me, like she does A, i'm gonna flatten her.
soprano style.

{ oooh rubbing my hands together , this can get very good. i've been a goody goody girl for too long this time :P ...}
stay tuned.


  1. I wish you could have been there when I was leaving Pittsburgh. I sold EVERYTHING, and that includes a table, couch, mattress, kitchen stuff, dryer, iron, a worn out travel bag, a boombox and well, a laundry bag too.

    Oh I wish ...

  2. i hate you.

    but then again i don't want any stuff from smelly ol' boyz :P