Saturday, September 27, 2008


since you guys are hounding me. ( yeah doesn't sound so nice when i write it down, now, does it? )

where have you been? what have you been upto ? where did you go all these months???
aaargh enough with the questions already !!

i'll tell you , i'll tell you.

i was HIDING.

no no... not from you.
you, i can handle.

i was hiding from 'some' ppl. 'some' ppl who had nothing better to do then pester me.

'how old are you?'
'isn't it time you got hitched?'
'biological clock, tick tock'
'your not getting any younger, you know' { dude, i'm hiding. not brain dead }
'you should think about the future' { let me get my walker }
'time's a flying. you can't afford to ignore it'
'if you don't grow up, you'll never get married, grow old, and die all alone'
{ this to the background music of somber sad voilins }
'the neighbours daughter got married' { let me crack the champagne }
'there's this nice bangalorean boy....'
'there's this nice london boy....' { after 2 weeks }
'there's this nice boy in california....' { yet another 2 weeks }
'have you lost weight?' { oh boy, here we go again }
'stop having breakfast, you don't need it'
'stop having lunch, you don't need that too'
'actually u can stop dinner too, you don't.....' { ok. someone notify the authorities. i'm a medical marvel. alive on air }
'you need to grow up' { ya ya, stickin my tongue out at them }
'i know this perfect new diet. u only need celery and carrots...'
'you need to grow up, get married, have kids. preferably in the next 3 months'
'send me photographs'
'lose weight in 3 days and send me photographs i can show this guy in...'
'there's this nice boy in seattle...' { 2 months later }

and so on. and so on. and so on.

NOW , can you see?


  1. Celery and carrots? huh

    mind another soda from the CIC second floor :P

  2. ha !! seriously. if she ever knew the amount of chocolates i had from there....