Saturday, September 27, 2008

LefT oUT ?

its 6:30 on a saturday morning. its when the most important questions of my life plague me...namely.... WHY AM I AWAKE???

i try to check, if those people who complained i was never online, have mailed me.
nada. zip. now having satisfied that i exist, they have gone back to ignoring me.

ok so i start checking orkut. lets see what my friends have been upto all these months i went AWOL.

married with kids.
oh wait!! ..nope , married.
ooooh i have a scrap... let me see....she writes that out of two of my lost friends, one is married with kids and the other just married.
and so on....

guys, girls. it makes no difference. younger friends , older friends , no difference.
gud lord !! i have died and gone to hell ????

its just like the curse. one day u wake up and half of the ppl u know are married, on the way to be married or contemplating marriage.
though contrary to the curse, i do NOT feel left out, sad or do NOT feel like joining that state.

i feel like moving to siberia and finding this really cool cave, and moving into it.
stay away.

no really stay away, what if your marriage state is contagious?
ack ! stay away !!

siberia ! here I come. hide those polar bears willya?


  1. i suffer similar trauma at times. i am giving a serious thought to join you up there in siberia. for all i know, the women out there are pretty awesome :D

  2. i thought u wanted to go to beaches so u cud watch scantily dressed blondes. u DO know that, its the opposite in siberia.

  3. I'm a grown up boy now. I know how to appreciate beauty with or without clothes. Siberian women could offer both the flavors sumptuously, and now you DO know that.

  4. b******** i can never think of siberia without gagging again.