Saturday, September 13, 2008

fLyiNG oVeR dE cLouDs

i had to move. for the second time. and finally i'd be where i was heading all along. but u know me, things are never that simple.

so i missed my flight, by a friggin 3 minutes.
and then i waited a cool 3 hours. well i didnt let all of it go to waste. i read the remaining part of my book. sad i know.

on the way over, i looked out the window. and guess what? guess what?
we were over the clouds and .. and there was the moon right over there, lighting up the clouds. and it was like flying over silver cotton. or some such wierd thing.
ok i'll try to describe it to u.
see, there was no city lights to dim the moonlight. and it was really really bright.
and then... and lit up all the clouds and formed valleys and shadows and lit plans and so on.
good lord it was the most beautiful thing i had ever seen in my entire life !! jeez man. maybe i shud be glad i missed my flight.

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