Monday, September 15, 2008

fOrgiVEneSs iS a mYth

if i ever got married ( ugh just thinking about it gives me the hives.. )
and if my husband cheated on me (?!) , what would i do?

would i sic some egyptian curse on him? would i ask the gods above to shrivel up his... ahem... u know.... and fry them in oil and make him eat them ???

or mebe i'd get my famous assasin to do it for me ???

or mebe i'd just keel over laughing, coz i'd find the whole thing funny. hillarious. yeah yeah i'm just a laugh riot. i mean i KNOW my life is a farce, ok? what else would i need to prove it???

would i be angry??? probably for a very very short while. i wudnt get mad, i'd get even. i'd stick him for every penny he got. take the house and the boat ( oh yeah there'd be a boat allright ) and leave.
mebe leave with a hunk. since i'd have the boat, i might be able to get someone to come with me. someone with nice abs.

ok is it only me, or is this story getting too detailed????

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