Tuesday, September 16, 2008

dE riNgiN nEVeR sToPS

nowadays when people actually manage to get me on the phone, they'r pretty surprised.
wow u picked up your phone ! wow ur not dead.
wow your alive. wow hows it that you called???

else its always, you never answer call. you never return calls. your never online.
you never keep in touch.. etc etc etc yada yada yada

and if i did ?
if i spent all my time online? staring at my eternally empty inbox waiting for your one call???
what would you ask me? how i was?
i'll tell u now. i'll either say i was fine. or i'd whine all about how crappy my life was ...

yipee ! wat a fun way of spending a sunday afternoon !!

ok so i chose to log off everything and actually have a life. is that so bad ????
mebe i just didnt want to talk to you. mebe all i wanted was a book and a lil peace and quiet.

ha ! didn't think of that didja ???

uh oh. my phone's ringing again... quick throw it out the window ....


  1. now that someone has an unlimited minutes landline ...


  2. :P u take the east coast and i'll take the west coast. together... [ russel peter style ] we shud have it wrapped up.