Wednesday, September 17, 2008

nO moRE crAZy tALK

my friend tells me , not to waste anymore of my life on formal education ( source A.A hey look i quoted you !!! ) and i have to admit, he does make sense.
That surprised me. no no , not that part that he actually made sense ( har de har , don't worry A.A i'm on ur side this time, even if what they say is true... no no they don't say anything THAT bad about you.. well ... actually.... nyways lets get back to the point, or as FM said Need :P )

so i thot of getting another degree, instead of my grandoise plans of doing my phD. and was just mentioning it to my friend, while he says i'd be better of kayaking or horse riding...

oooh me and outdoor sports. that right there is an interesting picture :-/
mebe i'd do it. if i really hated mother nature... mebe we can all go camping and pray we don't burn down half the forest. wud be a miracle. ( if we didn't )

oooooh thats enuf crazy talk for today.


  1. firstly, an awesome post. i liked it. after the pocketdrilling cmu experience, i'm completely convinced that formal education is not the best bet to invest your time/money after 25. (do i sound like an investment banker already?)

    There are many more enriching things in life to do rather than running after yet another degree from yet another college.

    Also, now that I am back to the office-time-schedule, i prefer to keep myself away from the pool of thought that supports the idea of a phd for people like me. Its good for me and the entire academic community that I didn't do it. It's an insane thing and I leave it for the perpetually challenged to do it.

    On a second (yeah second) thought, the FM could be a potential star for the pirated version of this song

    Watch the video & comment!

  2. dude ! get ur own blog to vent ur stuff... don't steal my airspace ! { ok that's enough rudeness... ur welcome to all the airspace u want :P }