Friday, September 19, 2008

toO LaTe aND iN tHE dArk

insomnia attacks.

jeez will you look at the time ? its freakin beyond midnight even in hawai.
the sun has long left my adopted temp country of residence.

i can't sleep. is it the meds? the stress? the weather? the emotional trauma???? { someone finished that last piece of cake i wanted... }
i just can't. and i get up real early too.... sigh.

man i'd give your right leg for some restful sleep. notice how generous i am in offering your leg.. see?

anyways, R notices a change in me. horror of horrors, i can actually stand kids now. infact what's even worse is that i actually find some kids cute. while she insists its my long dormant biological clock ticking, i insist its just a temporary aberration. come on. do YOU think its my biological clock ? do mutant freaks have biological clocks??

somebody please shoot me.

no i mean it. somebody please shoot me. right in the head. perhaps its the long summer i spent with my cousins. hey they weren't half bad. pretty cute too....

oh crap here I go again !!! panic attack !!! when did this happen??? when did i learn to entertain kids, and deal with them and not run screaming from them like a chicken with its head cut off ????

oh no
oh no
oh no.

now that you mention it, the other day when i went with R to the library, i automatically homed in on the child rearing section ....

oh no
oh no
oh no

quick .... somebody get the gun. quick, before it gets worse !


  1. its a nice comedy blog you have. can't stop laughing after reading your posts.

    Nice job !!
    Keep posting everyday...
    I am sure, there will be a post on my comment too... LOL

  2. dude !! am shocked !! someone plagarized ur comment !!!! the same one is on another post !! wats the world coming to .. shocked i say ! just shocked !

  3. WTF, are you giving a thought to babysit Rama's kids? :O