Thursday, September 25, 2008

bEtTEr LaTe thAn neVEr

i have sorely vexed my friends... i know. coz i haven't kept in touch with them for such a long time. am sure they feel i've dropped off the corner of the earth.

actually i've vexed a lot of people.
but then there was a reason.
so you have to bear with it. mebe it'll make it easier to imagine me buried in a cave upto my ears in an old quilt. waiting for 2008 to finish. which is what it is exactly.

am just waiting for this year to be done...

i'll see you in 2009.

is it possible for someone to boycott and entire year ? just you watch me :P

oh had a spot of gud news , while writing this post. so mebe u'll spot me ...early bird of spring and all, but in my case , make that early bear of winter...

what? winter is here already ??? hey! its time to hibernate again !!
see ya in 2009 ^_^

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