Tuesday, September 16, 2008

a gOoD sTArT fOr dE dAY

ok just to prove i attract all the morons in the world ... read this.
yes it happened today. no i have no real clue who he is. for all i know he's a stalker.
and yes this IS the reason i hibernate.....

for the record lets call him FM - friggin moron.
i'm as usual QoD.
the stuff in flower brackets is what'm thinking at that time ....
and if you recognize yourself as FM, man i'm sorry but ur too whacked out !!!


FM: hi QoD
me: hi
FM: where r u now. busy?
me: hey how do i know you?
FM: YOU there??
me: sorry cudnt tell from the id
FM: yar i am your junior at sjce
me: oh ok ok. sorry. thot u were my classmate, coz u hav the num 82 in ur id
FM: wat. r u from 82 born people
me: yeah
FM: wats your date of birth
me: lets forget that. so where r u now?
FM: bangalore. lets come to the point { oh whats the point?? }
me: where r u working?
FM: Am not working re. JOB less.. thats the point
me: oh ok
FM: what about you
me: yup me too.right now.waiting to join
FM: where. which industry? or what
me: engg
FM: QoD i heard you did your ms
me: yes u heard right
FM: ohhhhhhhhh. you are funny yar { am feeling pretty gud now, he obv recognizes a gud sense of humour when he sees one }
FM: k i wanted some guidance about that QoD R u busy with some work
me: ya i'm a regular laugh riot
FM: i have seen that you were so fat { WTF???? not feeling so good now am I??? }
and cute also { huh mixed signals to brain. am I happy?? or angry ??? }
me: huh
FM: always
me: wat? wat???? { HUH ??!!?? wat going on here ??? }

FM: what you said
what? I wanted to know your domain in ms and also the scope of research in medical domain
me: image processing { decided to let it go }
FM: Good. you will be of more use for me than { use?? USE ?? }
if oyu dont have any probs { why would i have problems??i live to be of USE }
can you guide me Image processing in what area you did?
me: wow are u a guy?
FM: what do you mean? i dint get you
me: i mean are u a guy or a girl. i can't tell. my responses may vary depending on that :-| { i know ur a moron, but are u a guy moron or girl moron ?? }
FM: Am 100% male
me: well thats gud for u { oh now that explains it all doesn't it ?? }
FM: whats the difference
me: nothing i'll tell u later
me: i dont think i can be of any use to u { caps on USE }
u shud find someone else. prob some thin and ugly person
FM: i am not asking you to be my guide.. in the sense academic
me: yes that is not at all possible. were u in jce?
FM: i asked you about some idea. initial idea
FM: yu are really...
me: i am really??? really wat? { you just go ahead with that sentence.. }
FM: i dont want to scold
me: oh u dont?well i dont want to listen either. well anyways i don't take kindly to being called fat !
FM: oh sorry for that
FM: i didnt mean that you are reall too fat. yu were at that time
me: oh then i guess its fine { yeah as if }
FM: it was just a comment. dodnt take it serious
me: oh ok. now that uve clarified it. sure { i am now on a roll .... }
FM: come to the need

me: need? ok { cudn't care less about your needs.. but whatever... }
FM: tell me. QoD. Hellooooo. r u there QoD. i am in a cyber cafe yar.cant wwait for long time
me: sorry. hey ok getting serious. u shud ask some one else
seriously { coz i'm seriously bored with this conversation }
FM: why
me: or mail me with ur questins and i'll answer i thiink that will save u time. { anything to get rid of you now.. }
FM: k. how much time can you spend now
me: i have to go now....
FM: just ten minutes. can you give me. ten minutes. now.for now
me: ok ok jeeez get a grip man. ok ask away.
FM: later i ll mail with some more doubts { theres a later also??? oh man }
me: ok
FM: k. lets do
me: huh?do wat? { stalker alert !! stalker alert !! }
FM: image processing .. yours { same as above ! same as above ! wake up brain , dammit wake up !!}
me: wat??
FM: nothing out of the point.k
me: huh
FM: i ll get tempted if gals do speak like this.let us be in line. { waaaat ??? }
me: oh yeah let us { huh. friggin pervert }
FM: i asked something
me: u did?
FM: image processing in what area?yours
me: man seriously. do i know you? i feel i would have remembered a character like you
FM: hey. you might have seen me somewhere
me: ok
FM: other than that we dont know each other.
me: ok
FM: speak about the topic. i have your little time. its fine if you can spend some more time also
me: listen man. u tell me what you want to get into. i'll try to explain the process
i dont have time to speak about my stuff { bored. annoyed, getting pissed }
FM: i want to some medical research
me: i have to go now. well i'm not into medical research. so i have no friggin clue
ok bye. gtg


and this is a normal day for me.....


  1. why didn't the stalker fcuk the hell outta his brains.

    funny kid though.

    This reminds me, one should chat often ;-)

  2. Weird people attract weirder people!!