Sunday, September 21, 2008

aPiNG aWAy

Man , soon i'll need a new category for these kind of posts :-/

was talking to a couple of friends about their experience when talking to their 'propsects'. some stories were horrifying, some were hilarious and some were just plain sad !

and what wierdos they were !! ok so here's an updated list if you don't want to marry someone. say the word and you can have the other person run screaming in the opposite direction :-/

1. We have too much in common
2. You haven't dressed up enough to meet me
3. I really like you, but i'd like to date for a year before I decide for sure
4. I'm drinking in a bar with a blonde friend of mine. Your too old fashioned to understand american friendships { this was so wierd I didn't even understand what he was trying to say }
5. I need you to be the GM of my family business in India and meet me in the US once in 3 months for about a week. { wtf ???!!?? }
6. I went on a date last week, it didnt work out. how do you feel about a winter wedding ?
7. I don't have time, we can speak only once in a week and that too only if I''m free, which i can't say when I'll be.

and so on...

good lord, do we see a pattern ?? obviously men are devolving into apes now.

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