Monday, September 22, 2008

kiTcHeN oN fiRE

i'm trying to display my culinary skills. since i seem to be moving from one newly wed couple's house to another, i try to mitigate the disaster of my presence by giving the new brides a break and cooking a bit.

cooking is ofcourse an optimistic term. if thats what u can call my antics in the kitchen...

so we cook. me and my friend. most times i help. and a couple of days back we made rajma. now you know my soft corner for this dish, and seeing that she didnt want to cook the next day, i had the obviously brilliant idea of cooking a lot of food.
and now.
Now you can guess what happened next. we cooked a lot of food. i mean a LOT of food :-/

so now we've been eating rajma for the last 4 days and.... sigh...mebe it'll get done tomoro.


  1. Its a nice comedy blog you have. can't stop laughing after reading your posts.

    Nice job !!
    Keep posting everyday...
    I am sure, there will be a post on my comment too... LOL

  2. ooh thats so nice !! ur so cute mr anon :P much better than the prev mr anon who was really too mean.... am sure ur a very wise , brave person with an excellant sense of humour... { shud i go on ? is it enough ass kissing for today ;P }

  3. ofcourse it is !! didn't u get the memo ?? i got the queen of fake award :P

  4. "... kitchen on fire is usually marked by burnt toilet paper the next day."

    Old jungle saying.

  5. that was actually funny A. for a change !! :P