Thursday, September 25, 2008

dE pErFecT gUeST

u know the perfect guest is one who isn't. I mean he's perfect coz he's no longer a guest ? make sense?
oh hush when did i ever....

so in the course of the last couple of months, i've been the not so perfect guest. coz ive been ... there ... u know.
actually i think i'm a pretty decent house guest. well for one, i'm toilet trained.
{ hey. its a difficult skill to acquire :-/ } { doesnt say much for me , if i have to list THAT as one of my gud qualities... i know... }

but seriously. i'm a gud guest aren't i ?

i try to stay out of ur way,
am willing to help wash dishes,
i accompany u if u want to go out,
am willing to listen to u rant ( if u wish to rant ),
i eat all your food,
put things away in the wrong cupboard,
reorganize ur kitchen , so u never find ur stuff,
find and finish ur hidden stock of junk food and chocolates,
leave all jar lids open, lose ur remote, make u do my laundry,
run up your phone bill....
oooops mebe i shudn't be compiling this list.

oh by the way , mornin!
don't go to the loo yet we're out of toilet paper. and soap...and ... errr...toothpaste.

ps: this post is dedicated to A, R and G.
now all i need is an H :P


  1. did you ever drop someone'e engagement ring down the hot-seat of their toilet?

    beat that :D